What is Frozen Shoulder?

Adhesive capsulitis, commonly known as frozen shoulder, is the painful inflammation of the capsule where the humorous, or upper arm bone, fits into the ball-and-socket type joint of your shoulder.  When the capsule, or connective tissue at the end of the humorous becomes inflamed, it causes adhesions that contribute to stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint.  It is particularly … Read More

Sports Injury Spotlight: ACL Injuries

Unfortunately, knee injuries are common in athletes playing high demand sports: activities like football, soccer, or basketball. They most consistently occur when athletes land a jump incorrectly, rapidly change direction, or suddenly start and stop when running. One knee injury seen quite is a sprain or tear in the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. There are three bones that meet … Read More

Health Highlight: Yoga

You’ve heard about the craze: hot yoga studios, yoga retreats, celebrities turned yoginis, citywide early morning classes. It seems like everyone has jumped on the yoga train and for good reason: the exercise can improve health, heal aches, and keep sickness away. Not ready to break out the mat yet? Consider a few additional benefits from practicing yoga: Building muscle: … Read More

Sports Injury Spotlight: Arm, Elbow, and Wrist Injuries

If you love a round of golf or the swing of a tennis racket, you may be more prone to arm, elbow, and wrist injuries. But it isn’t just these athletes who may experience symptoms: any athlete is at risk for an arm injury. That’s why it’s important to learn more about preventing and treating such injuries. There are several … Read More

Fall Fitness Tips

Once the weather shifts below the 60 degree mark and the crunch of leaves under our feet becomes more and more apparent, it signifies that fall is officially here. So long to hot summer days spent under the sun! The chilliness seems to push everyone indoors, promising warmth and comfort from the outdoor chill. While a warm fireplace, hot chocolate, and … Read More

Sports Injury Spotlight: Head Injuries

Concussions are certainly nothing to take lightly. While they get a lot of bad press revolving around professional athletes, it’s well-deserved. Head injuries take more than just a week off the field to get you fully recovered. Head injuries like concussions happen most regularly with high-impact athletics; think football. The trauma that occurs can create serious damage, and if not … Read More

Identifying & Preventing Running Injuries

Running is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise that allows for strengthening the body while improving mental health. However, the continuous motion can be hard on bones and joints, causing injury to occur. So how can avid runners prevent pain and keep on running? The 3D Gait Analysis from Holland Hospital redefines the standards in running injury prevention. The technology uses three infrared cameras combined … Read More

Health Highlight: Women’s Injuries

It’s a scientific fact: men’s and women’s bodies operate and perform differently. So it’s time to discuss how injuries may affect females differently and risk factors women specifically should look out for. Stress fractures occur when the bone is getting broken down quicker than our body can repair it. These fractures can harm the strength of the bone and the rebuilding … Read More

Recovery Round Up: Physical Therapy

With exercise and sports activities comes risk for injury. While we never anticipate it happening, following the right procedure afterwards can be instrumental to how quickly you fully recover. And that process starts with physical therapy. Most athletic injuries do not require surgery, but they usually require a series of rehabilitation. Physical therapy is not only going to help fix the current injury, … Read More