Recovery Round Up: Physical Therapy

With exercise and sports activities comes risk for injury. While we never anticipate it happening, following the right procedure afterwards can be instrumental to how quickly you fully recover. And that process starts with physical therapy. Most athletic injuries do not require surgery, but they usually require a series of rehabilitation. Physical therapy is not only going to help fix the current injury, … Read More

Summer Exercise

Summer is an excellent time to start a regular exercise regime. Exercising doesn’t feel like exercise when the weather’s nice, the sun is out, and your neighborhood is bustling with people and activity. If there was ever a time to start working on your fitness, the time is summer. While running, cycling, or strength training are good any time of the year, … Read More

Sports Injury Spotlight: Lower Back Pain in Cyclists

Cycling is an excellent way to exercise, for those young and old. But lower back pain is a common cycling injury that is not often discussed, and it can affect individuals of all ages. People usually think of cycling as a leg-based exercise; an activity that is relatively low impact. While this is true, the cycling motion can also greatly … Read More

The Importance of Stretching

Whether due to time constraints or simply not thinking it’s necessary, stretching is often overlooked as an important element of both a workout and of everyday life. But the truth is there are immense benefits from stretching for your mind and body. Stretching is key to improving both your posture and flexibility. It can restore balance to the body and … Read More

Sports Injury Spotlight: Foot & Ankle Injuries in Soccer Players

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world—both to watch and play. More than 265 million people worldwide play soccer. It’s a sport that appeals to a wide range of people, no matter their location, gender, age, or income. Because it is such a fast-paced, high-impact sport, soccer players are also very prone to injuries, especially those of the … Read More

Sports Injury Spotlight: Common Injuries in Softball Players

Even though softball is not a contact sport, softball players are at risk for many injuries. Whether due to overuse or occurring suddenly, here are three common injuries that softball players are at the greatest risk of sustaining. Ankle Sprains Ankle sprains account for 10 percent of softball injuries, both in practice and during games. These can occur from sliding … Read More

Sports Injury Spotlight: Hamstring Strains in Lacrosse Players

In the United States, lacrosse has increased in popularity every year, with more than 772,000 people playing on organized teams in 2014. Lacrosse is a fast-paced, multi-directional sport. While this makes it fun for both participants and spectators alike, it also makes players susceptible to injury, including muscle strains. Hamstring strains are among the most common muscle strains sustained by … Read More

Compartment Syndrome of the Legs

Compartment syndrome is a condition that most often appears in the front of the lower legs. Compartment syndrome involves the swelling or bleeding in the lower leg compartment, causing pressure on the capillaries, nerves and muscles in that region. This restricts blood flow to the muscle and nerve cells. This condition can present itself in two very different ways: acute … Read More