Achilles Tendon Ruptures and Treatment

You may not often think about the role of your Achilles tendon, but it is actually the largest tendon in the body. Connecting your calf muscles to your heel bone, the Achilles tendon is vital in walking, running and jumping. Though the Achilles tendon is extremely strong and can withstand immense stresses, it is still vulnerable to injuries. An Achilles … Read More

Is Sitting All Day Causing You Pain?

A 40-hour work week can have negative effects on your posture, flexibility, and joint pain, especially if you’re not remembering to move during the day. Sitting for a long period of time without much movement can cause the breakdown of tissue and result in severe joint and back pain. Even if you exercise regularly after a long day at the office, it … Read More

Tips for Bone Health

What age should you begin intentionally caring for your bones? As early as possible. Being conscious about your bone health should start at a young age to ensure bone strength later on in life. Calcium, Vitamin D, diet and exercise are the essentials of bone health. Staying at a healthy weight will prevent your hips and knees from wearing down more quickly. … Read More

Five Foods for Healthy Bones

Calcium and Vitamin D are the two most important vitamins for bone health. Here are the top five foods you should eat to ensure that your body is getting enough of both. Yogurt One cup of yogurt is a great way to get nearly 20 percent of your Vitamin D for the day and 30 percent of your calcium. Try to stick … Read More

Concussion Management

The goal of concussion management is to get patients back to their previous level of activity as soon as possible and as safely as possible. Once you’ve been diagnosed with a concussion from your doctor, the initial recovery process involves little stimulation. This includes remaining quiet and avoiding mental activity. Whether it is video games, television, computers, texting, or reading, … Read More

Long Flight? Try These Stretches.

We’ve all been there. Heading onto the plane, bags in tow. You walk down the aisle, craning your neck for 14C (or was it B?). You place your luggage in the overhead bin and sit down, ready to begin your trip. But sitting in that snug seat—whether it’s a 12-hour or two-hour flight—is far from comfortable. Here are a few … Read More

Osteal Tuberculosis

You probably have never associated tuberculosis with bone and joint health due to the fact that it is known as pulmonary (lung) disease. What you might not know is that tuberculosis can attack your bones and joints in a very dangerous way. TB of the bone is known as Osteal Tuberculosis or Skeletal Tuberculosis. This disease is often misdiagnosed as … Read More

Common Hip Injuries

While many think of only older people having hip injuries, hip conditions can actually affect individuals of all ages. Children, teens and young adults who are active in sports are all especially susceptible to hip injuries. Because bone density decreases with age, senior citizens are more prone to injuries due to falls. Jobs that require carrying heavy weight can also … Read More

Exercises to Help Prevent Bone Loss

In the United States, more than 44 million men and women over the age of 50 are affected by osteoporosis or low bone mass. While some exercises may be hard on joints, many, when done correctly, will help strengthen bones and prevent bone loss. There are two basic types of activities: weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises. Weight-bearing Exercises These activities help … Read More

ImPACT Concussion Testing

Dr. Courtney Erickson-Adams, Primary Care Sports Medicine physician at Bone & Joint Center, is a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC). ImPACT or Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing is a computerized neurocognitive test that evaluates how a brain functions after an injury, such as a concussion.  The ImPACT exam measures a few different things, the first being visual function. As 70 … Read More