Runner’s Knee – Patellofemoral Pain

Runners put heavy stress on their knees, which can lead to patellofemoral pain, or pain around the front of the knee. A number of medical conditions may cause this pain, such as anterior knee pain syndrome, patellofemoral malalignment and chondromalacia patella. Because the knee is structurally complex, sensitive, and used extensively in running, several factors can contribute to runner’s knee. … Read More

Heat Stroke in Athletes

Heat injury can range from mild heat cramps to life-threatening heat stroke. Especially with the growing number of people participating in late summer/early fall sports, proper precautions for heat-related conditions must be taken. Heat injuries and exhaustion are preventable if you take the right measures and know the warning signs. When exercising, sweating cools our bodies. But if we do … Read More

Rotator Cuff Injuries in Volleyball Players

Though the overall injury rate in volleyball is lower compared to other team sports, research has shown that volleyball players are at a high risk for overuse-related conditions, such as those of the shoulder which account for 8 to 20 percent of all volleyball injuries. Your rotator cuff is comprised of muscles and tendons in your shoulder.  These connect your … Read More