Fall-ing Back in Shape

So you didn’t stick to your summer workout plan as much as you wanted to. Just because the hot weather is leaving doesn’t mean your exercise goals have to leave also! Fall is the perfect time to start a fitness program and get back in shape, and you’re more likely to create good habits that’ll stick out the winter months. … Read More

Common Running Mistakes in Beginners

Running can be a rewarding, lifelong activity for people of all ages. Its health and wellness benefits are numerous, and the fact that it requires minimal equipment means just about everyone can participate. Often the hardest part for new runners is taking that first stride. To ensure a safe and effective starter training program, be careful to avoid these common … Read More

Overuse Injuries in Football Players

Fall is just around the corner and with this cooler weather comes one of America’s most popular sports: football. As more and more young athletes participate in this sport, an increasing number of football-related injuries are sustained. While traumatic injuries and concussions occur most often, overuse injuries are also extremely prevalent in football players. These develop slowly over time due … Read More