The custom fit total knee replacement is just what its names suggests, an artificial knee customized to you. A custom-fit total knee replacement can provide more predictable results, and many patients report faster recovery and greater satisfaction.

Prior to surgery, we perform an MRI to take very precise measurements of your arthritic knee. Using special software, we create a 3-D image of the knee, and then virtually correct any deformity to return the knee to its pre-arthritic condition.

Next, we match the computerized 3-D image of the implant to the anatomically correct virtual knee model. This helps us to determine the right implant size and placement, based on your own normal knee anatomy.

Using all this information, we create special cutting guides to use during the procedure. These specific cutting guides show us exactly where to make bone cuts so that the knee replacement is customized to you.

Custom_Fit_Knee_ReplacementSurgery Sheet – Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement

When painful knee symptoms can no longer be controlled with non-operative treatments, a total knee replacement may be performed. 3-D images of the knee are taken prior to surgery at Holland Hospital in order to virtually correct deformities and create a customized knee implant.

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