The Bone & Joint Center offers a full spectrum of orthopedic services. What sets us apart is our specialized orthopedic care, nationally recognized by performance athletes and patients seeking state-of-the-art hip and joint replacement.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Anterior hip replacement is a less invasive surgical option than traditional hip replacement and offers benefits of less pain and faster recovery for certain types of patients. The anterior approach is a proven technique that uses smaller incisions and less tissue disruption during surgery. By working from the front of the hip, the surgeon performs the replacement between muscles, leaving them undisturbed. This means that patients can bend and bear weight sooner than with traditional hip surgery and can often return to activities with fewer restrictions. Dr. Derick Johnson can determine if the anterior approach is right for you.

Minimally Invasive Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive treatment for hip problems that are common in active people. Until now, many of these injured patients would have to stop their sport or live with pain. Recent advances in the field have permitted even professional athletes to return to their previous level of play. The goal of arthroscopic hip surgery is to alleviate hip pain and prevent the development of osteoarthritis. During his sports fellowship, Dr. Carl Wierks worked with Marc Philippon, M.D., who is an international leader in the emerging field of hip arthroscopy.

Sports Medicine & Athletic Training

Treating athletes requires understanding athletes. We believe that an integral aspect of helping people return to the activities they enjoy is having a presence in the field of play.

us-ski-snowboardThis philosophy is evident in Dr. Wierks' involvement as an athletic trainer for the Wheaton College Football and Soccer teams. During residency, he provided physician coverage for the Baltimore Orioles Major League Baseball team. Currently, Dr. Wierks is a physician for the US Ski and Snowboard Teams as a result of his involvement with those teams during their preparation for the recent Olympic games.

sports-medicineDr. Erickson-Adams has a long history with a variety of athletic teams and organizations. She spent her fellowship at Michigan State University, one of the first primary care sports medicine fellowships in the country. She also worked as one of the team physicians for the minor league baseball tam, the Lansing Lugnuts, and alongside USA women's gymnastics head team physician, Dr. Larry Nassar.

Nationally Ranked, Patient-Focused Surgical Facilities

We perform all joint replacements at Holland Hospital’s Joint Replacement Center. The hospital’s dedication to continually enhancing the patient experience sets the Joint Replacement Center apart from other facilities, making it a destination center for those seeking the best possible care. Performance comparisons among 50 similar, high-functioning joint centers across the country place Holland Hospital in the top five for both clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. What’s the difference? A care coordinator who facilitates the entire process for each patient -- from before surgery is scheduled to post-operative care; specially designed furniture and equipment selected with the patient’s comfort in mind; and private rooms and amenities to support the unique needs of joint replacement patients.