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Howard Rochte

Saugatuck, MI

Dr Johnson performed a total hip replacement for me in 2013. I was up and doing all my normal activities within two weeks. This past summer he performed a partial knee replacement and it has been an excellent experience. His surgical skills and follow up council are of the highest quality. I have recommended Dr. Johnson to several friends. Thank you Dr. Johnson for being an excellent surgeon.

Burleigh Family

Otsego, Michigan

Dr. Wierks and his staff are not only talented but extremely effiecient and welcoming. First and formost the hip surgery for our 19 year old daughter was successful. In fact, Dr. Wierks was the only physician to correctly diagnose the situation. We were lucky we found him after having no success with other surgeons to resolve what seems to be a little known issue in teens. In addition, it's a pleasure to work with an office that keeps appointments on time and responds quickly to patient needs and questions. A special thanks to Amy and Adam for thier professional and caring approach!

De Boer Family

Holland, Michigan

Our family has been so blessed to find the Holland Bone and Joint Center. Dr. Wierks did two surgeries on my daughter, to help her hips work correctly. Now she can move forward in her dream to do College Gymnastics. He has also given me some insight on my joint issues, injected synvisc in both knees and they feel much better. Unfortunately he may see a lot of me. Anyway, he is now working with my son who's ankle has been a problem for a year. my son is happy to finally know what the problem is, and there is a solution.

Dr. Wierks knows how to deal with athletes, and there "I can't take any time off attitudes". And he really understands their feelings.

The De Boer/accident prone/athletes/and broken mom, have finally found Our orthopedic home, Holland Bone and Joint. Thank u to dr. Wierks for putting up with our quirky family.

Denny A

Hamilton, Michigan

after injuring my right hip 23 years ago I had my hip replaced May 1 2013. I am now walking and going up and down stairs without pain. the post op was very easy and I was mobile the same day. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and his staff.

Aimee S.

Richland, Michigan

Dr. Wierks is wonderful! After seeing a few other orthopedic surgeons in my area for opinions regarding my hip labral tear, I was told to drive to Holland to check out Dr. Wierks at the Holland Bone and Joint Center. Dr. Wierks did my arthroscopic hip surgery on October 4th. Just two months later, my hip felt great and I was able to return to my exercise routine. Now I am four months post-op and my hip feels amazing! I have been telling everyone I know that Holland really is the place to go for hips! Thanks, Dr. Wierks!

Sondra TenClay

Hudsonville, MI

I had an anterior hip replacement in Florida in 2009 and had an amazing experience and recovery. The new hip was metal on metal. In 2011 I began to experience growing discomfort with my new hip. When I saw Dr. Johnson he cautiously progressed through the steps to determine if my body was reacting to the metal on metal. Once it was determined that it was the probable cause, he discussed the pros and cons of another surgery with me. The resulting surgery made a huge difference and my recovery was quick and relatively pain free and I was back into my routines and activities in a couple of weeks. His staff and that of Holland Hospital were awesome. I appreciated the fact that I wasn't rushed into a new surgery and had all of the facts before proceeding. I am a raving fan as are the others whom I have referred to the Bone and Joint Center!

Shelby Keith

Holland, MI

I'm a 54 yr old female that was born with hip dysphasia and had 10 surgeries on my left hip by the time I was 16 at the Shriners Hospital. I was 1 in shorter in my left leg and had a sallow hip socket. I knew one day I would need a total hip replacement and when the time came I was afraid. Because of my previous surgeries I knew it would be a difficult replacement and not any Dr would want to do it or could do it. Of the five Drs I saw and consulted with,in state and out of state, Dr. Johnson was the only one that really listened and addressed my fears and my concern to be the same length and not wear a heel lift any longer.The regular way most people end up having to wear a heel lift and are not able to do a lot of things any longer,get in bathtub,etc. I was bone on bone by now and losing muscle. I knew then he was the one I wanted and needed to replace my hip. Dr Johnson's surgery was nothing like 38 years ago. I would advise anyone thinking of a hip replacement to only go the anterior way.I still cannot believe how easy and painless the whole thing was and I no longer wear a heel lift, both legs are the same length.I still can't believe he was able to fix my hip, but he did and I Thank God everyday for Dr. Johnson,, his staff and Holland Hospital. My life has been forever changed for the better. Dr. Johnson does have a gift.

Jennifer Boodt

Spring Lake, MI

I have been telling everyone about the positive experiences I have had with Dr. Wiercks, his office staff and the Surgery Center! I was so impressed with how quickly I was able to get an appointment. Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly and helpful- every single person. My surgery results have been fantastic. This experience was high quality. This was my 3rd knee surgery and first time having Dr. Wiercks as my surgeon. I wish I would have known about him 15 years ago.

Cathy Bittrick

Norton Shores, MI

I had total hip replacement with Dr. Johnson on April 4th of this year. The surgery was at 7:30 in the morning and by 5:30 that evening I was walking a football field length around the hospital corridor with a walker and at 7:30 did it again! I went home the next morning, walked with a cane for 4 days and then walked without assistance and climbed stairs every day. In two weeks I was back in my office as Broker/Owner of a busy real estate office. This new approach is amazing! I asked Dr. Johnson just two questions at our first appointment..."how big is the scar and can I wear heels again?" He said the answer was 3" to both!! LOL!!

Terrie W

Zeeland, MI

My husband broke his wrist at work and I have to say that from the moment we walked into the office for our first visit we have had the best care. Dr. Wierks and Adam are AMAZING and have been wonderful with both Jeff and I, thank you both. Yesterday Jeff had surgery and again I was impressed with the care and thoughtfulness of the entire staff at the surgery center. I have been telling everyone that this has been less stressful because of everyone we have been involved with and I would recommend anyone to this office. Thank you to each of you we have had contact with thus far.

Tom M.

Holland, MI

I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Wierks and Dr. Johnson, as well as their assistants, Adam Stillo and Adam Geller. The West Michigan community is fortunate to have this caliber of medical expertise right in our backyard.