Dr. Wierks specializes in hip arthroscopy and has published numerous papers and presentation on FAI. He has gained a reputation in the Midwest as the surgeon to help you get back into competition or active living. If you have a painful condition in your hip that isn’t responding to nonsurgical treatment such as rest, physical therapy, medications or injections, hip arthroscopy may be an option for you. Dr. Wierks will be able to diagnose your issue and recommend the best path for treatment and recovery.

The goal of hip arthroscopy is to reconstruct the nature attributes of the hip joint, relieving pain but equally important restoring the range of motion lost due to damage from an injury or an orthopedic condition such as:

  • Labral Tear-- A tear of the cartilage rim that deepens the socket and stabilizes the hip joint by creating a suction-seal. When torn, it causes pain and abnormal hip mechanics that may stress the surrounding muscles.
  • Femoro Acetabular Impingement (FAI)-- A disorder in which abnormal shape of the bone around the socket and/or the femoral head cause cartilage damage in the hip joint and trap or tear the labrum.
  • Dysplasia-- A condition where the socket is unusually shallow, putting the labrum more at risk for tearing.
  • Snapping hip syndrome-- Snapping felt in the front or side of the hip from an overly-tight tendon snapping across the bony anatomy of the hip like a tight rubber band. Often, this produces pain or discomfort that can be treated conservatively or with surgery.
  • Synovitis-- A reaction of the joint lining to a problem in the hip joint. The joint lining produces an inflammatory reaction that is painful.
  • Loose bodies-- Fragments of bone or cartilage that become loose and move around within the joint. This acts like a pebble in the bottom of your shoe, causing pain and sometimes locking of the hip.

Most of our patients return to full sport activity. In fact in studies, 98% of the professional athletes who had hip arthroscopy surgery by the physician who trained Dr. Wierks returned to their professional sport. Your recovery depends on the type of damage present in your hip.

Bone-Joint-Center_Hip-Arthroscopy_5-2014Surgery Sheet – Total Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy may be a good option for patients with a painful hip condition that isn’t responding to nonsurgical treatments. This procedure may be suitable for conditions such as: femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), labral tears, loose bodies, and many others. Compared to open surgery, hip arthroscopy typically results in less tissue trauma, less pain, and may promote a quicker recovery.

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