Orthopedic Surgeon

Documented Outcomes for
Anterior Hip Replacement Well Above National Averages

Did you know that among all major surgeries, hip replacement is the most successful? Still, the decision of where to have your hip replaced should not be taken lightly. Here are three points to consider.

anterior-approach-hip-replacement1. In the anterior approach to the hip joint, which is much different than traditional approach, the surgeon spreads your muscles. Cutting your muscles in the traditional approach produces post-operative pain and instability.

2. With more than 1,000 procedures to his credit, Dr. Johnson is a foremost authority on anterior approach. He teaches anterior approach to other surgeons across the country and is an advisor to leading medical companies.

3. Focusing on patient-centered care, Bone & Joint Center has developed best practice protocols and coordinated care delivery that produce excellent and well-documented outcomes, earning the practice the designation of Destination Center of Superior Performance.

While much of the outcome data is clinical in nature, our patients experience less post-operative pain, a very short hospital stay, and a remarkably fast return to a normal, motion-filled lifestyle. Do your research, and you’ll understand why Bone & Joint Center is known for Treatment Worth the Travel.