Dr. Erickson-Adams, together with Holland Hospital sports medicine staff, provides sports medicine training to area high schools and athletic organizations. We focus on educating players and staff alike on injury prevention sports performance development, and rehabilitation.

While we work with patients of every age and fitness level, young athletes are especially prone to injury as their bodies are still maturing. We provide personalized care to each athlete, helping them learn more about injury management and prevention, sports conditioning, nutrition, and more.

We offer:

  • Diagnosis and care for all sports-related injuries
  • In-house X-rays and ultrasounds, MRIs and CT scans
  • Quick appointments
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Injections and aspirations to relieve pain and promote healing
  • Prescriptions for bracing, orthotics, and medications
  • Casts and splints
  • A full range of traditional and innovative arthroscopic surgeries

With on-site education to athletes, parents and coaches, everyone involved in the sport can be more up-to-date on training and injury prevention. Our specialists offer pre-season consultation to coaches. We can help construct conditioning programs to ensure the athletes are ready for their season.