At Bone & Joint Center, we are proud to serve each and every one of our patients. These individuals come from near and far, varying in age and levels of activity, but they all have one thing in common: the desire to seek the best care and treatment for their conditions and injuries. We’re grateful to hear the positive comments patients share with us after receiving treatment and returning to the life they love.
anterior hip replacement

Since I have been living the past forty years in the Tri-Cities area of Michigan, I was not aware of the medical services available in the area of Holland, Michigan. It wasn't until I needed a hip replacement that my search began for the right surgeon and the right hospital. After many months of investigation it was my decision to have the procedure done at Holland Hospital with Dr. Derick Johnson of the Bone & Joint Center performing the surgery.

My care at Holland Hospital was the best from beginning to end. I can't thank the hospital and its staff enough for all they did for me. The surgical team under the leadership of Dr. Johnson was A-1. His surgical techniques allow one to return quickly to a life of walking like we did in the "good old days."

So be very "Thankful" Holland that you have something this special located in your medical community. It was a pleasure to visit your wonderful city and to see and meet some of your finest medical residents and facilities. To the Holland Community – You Are Lucky."
Tom K., Saginaw, MI

Yes, it all worked out very, very nice. I was moving right away in a walker and cane, with very little pain. The physical care was excellent. They did an excellent job, from pre-op through surgery and discharge, and the follow-up care, everything was outstanding, and every single person was very nice and everything was high quality. My wife too was very impressed, and she followed the whole procedure."
Ronald N., Grand Haven


Dr. Derick Johnson, Holland

I was on a two-month wait list for hip replacement someplace else and saw Dr. Johnson on TV. I had been misdiagnosed by my doctor, who said I was in pain because of my stroke. My chiropractor actually diagnosed my hip. So I went in to talk Dr. Johnson, brought my x-rays, and he told me yes, you need to go to your surgeon and have this done. I told him, ‘I want you to do it.ʼ The surgery was excellent, I walked 200 ft. the next day! I even went shopping after my first day of therapy. Hardly any pain, just took Tylenol for pain. Iʼm 65 but very active, hunting, a lot of walking. I need to build my muscles back up because of my stroke but Iʼm walking fine. I tell every who will listen, go see Dr. Johnson!”
Joseph S., Grand Haven
I saw Dr. Johnson in the newspaper ad and went to him for a second opinion. My first doctor just told me that I was too young to have hip problems. Well, even though I am only 49, I had a lot of pain, a lot of pain. So Dr. Johnson took some x-rays, and he said ‘I try not to tell people when they come in that they need to have their hip replaced; I want them to make the decision on their own. But you, you need hip replacement.ʼ I had the anterior surgery, and I was out of the hospital the next day and in physical therapy the first week. I took very few pain meds. Itʼs been wonderful. Honestly, it was the best thing I ever did in my whole life. I am so glad I met Dr. Johnson."
Lori L.


Holland Hospital Hip Surgery

Iʼm very happy with the results of the anterior hip replacement. Very happy. I was ʻbone to boneʼ and had injections for pain. Iʼve jumped off fire trucks and rode ladders once too much I guess. Finally I had to do something and my doctor referred me to a Grand Rapids practice; they couldnʼt see me for 4 to 6 months. Thatʼs when a neighbor told me about two young doctors at the Holland Bone and Joint Center with a special table for less invasive surgery. Gave me a big book on it plus we searched the internet. Well, they spread the tissue and go inbetween. All I know is that I came back out of it in good shape, with excellent recovery and therapy. I would and do highly recommend them."
Michael G., Spring Lake
I wanted to take a minute to tell you and your office GOOD JOB!.  Iʼm pleased to say that Iʼm happy we stayed with the Bone & Joint Center; I feel like Ashleyʼs injury has finally started to heal now that we have a good doctor on board, who has pinpointed the issue. Please feel free to pass my JOB WELL DONE along to the staff in your office."
Ashley M. (parent), Holland
I did my research. I was in pain from earlier sports injuries, probably too much running, and I finally had to stop. I went to Holland Bone & Joint Center and they were very thorough, very well qualified. The surgery was a great success. I need to slowly get back into things but my pain is gone. The post treatment was excellent, the staff is very knowledgeable. Everyone is outstanding. I tell everyone how positive the experience was."
Steve S., Holland