3D Gait Analysis is the most advanced technology available to prevent and identify running injuries.

This innovative system allows our sports medicine experts to examine your personal running form with 3-D infrared motion capture cameras to pinpoint potential gait problems with millimeter precision and provides a personalized plan to keep you running safer, stronger, and longer.

Holland Hospital is the only provider of 3D Gait Analysis in West Michigan and one of only forty providers worldwide.


All runners who are striving to avoid injuries and improve their long-term running performance can benefit. Research shows the system is effective in identifying and preventing gait-related injuries among male and female runners of all ages and fitness levels.


3D Gait Analysis is unique because it uses the world’s largest database of precise biomechanical and clinical injury data.

The system’s custom software scientifically analyzes each runner’s gait and compares it to thousands of other runners from across the globe to identify subtle deviations in biomechanics that cannot be seen with the naked eye. With this information, our sports medicine team can determine the root cause of persistent running injuries and provide clinical recommendations for each runner.


3D Gait Analysis is performed during two clinic visits and requires no preparation. At the first visit, our Athletic Trainers will conduct flexibility and muscle strength testing as part of your evaluation. You will then run for a brief period on a specially designed treadmill while the 3D Gait cameras and 35 sensors record your biomechanical data. This information is used to create a personal 3D Gait report that is unique to you.

At your second visit, one of our Athletic Trainers will review your personalized 3D Gait report with you. Based on the results, you will receive a personalized plan that includes training techniques, flexibility and strengthening exercises, and shoe recommendations.

Like proper nutrition and effective conditioning, understanding your gait is important to your success. No physician referral is needed. Although 3D Gait analysis is not covered by insurance, it can be a valuable investment toward injury prevention.

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