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Recognizing and Treating Shin Splints

One of the most common injuries experienced by runners are shin splints. This condition is also known as soleus syndrome and tibial periostitis. The actual medical term for the injury is “medial tibial stress syndrome.” This injury occurs when too much stress is placed on the medial section of the tibia (shin bone). The excessive […]

SLAP Tears in Athletes

Shoulder injuries are commonly encountered by athletes who perform frequent overhead or throwing motions such as divers, basketball players, or pitchers. One of the most common shoulder injuries is a SLAP (superior labrum anterior to posterier) tear or injury to the area that encircles the shoulder socket, and serves as the attachment site for the […]

Rock Climbing and Safety

Rock climbing is an increasingly popular sport in the U.S., with upwards of nine million participants. Although it is a non-contact and non-impact sport, it is not without risk of injury. Up to 50–80 percent of regular participants report a rock climbing injury per year, with the types of injury varying by the type and […]