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Swimmer’s Shoulder

Swimmers are most often affected by injuries or overuse of the shoulder. As swimmers react to overuse injury, they may become overly fatigued and fail to continue using proper stroke techniques. These injuries range from rotator cuff impingement (pressure on the rotator cuff from the shoulder blade as the arm is lifted), biceps tendinitis (inflammation […]

Hockey Injuries and Prevention

More than 500,000 individuals are involved in youth ice hockey leagues every year, making it one of the fastest growing sports in the country. This fast-paced sport carries a great potential for risk – as is true with most contact sports – but with the right training, preparation and equipment, you can keep safe while […]

Risk of Hip Labral Tear in Athletes

A hip labral tear involves the soft elastic tissue (the labrum) on the outside rim of the hip joint socket. The labrum helps hold the ball at the top of your thighbone in place, providing stability and preventing bone rubbing on bone. Athletes at a higher risk of developing a hip labral tear are those […]