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Shoveling and Snowblowing Injuries and Prevention

As the winter arrives in full force, so does the inevitable task of snow removal. Shoveling and snowblowing are not just hard work, they also carry great risk for injury. This is especially true for individuals who do not exercise regularly. In 2009, more than 21,000 injuries occurred due to snow removal – 16,500 of […]

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in Figure Skaters

If you have ever experienced pain in the front of your knee while jumping or climbing stairs or if your knee has ever locked in place, you may be suffering from one of the most common overuse injuries to figure skaters: patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). PFPS is an overuse injury that occurs over time, and […]

Preventing Common Ankle Injuries in Winter

The combination of icy and snowy sidewalks, stairs and streets can make the winter a dangerous season for walking. Injuries from falling during winter are common, and often result in ankle sprains. Here are a few tips before heading out into the cold: Warm Up – If you choose to exercise outdoors, be sure to […]

Hip Dysplasia

The hip is considered a “ball-and-socket” joint. Normally, the ball at the upper end of the femur fits firmly into the socket of the large pelvis bone. In all forms of hip dysplasia, this causes the ball of the hip to sit loosely in the socket, making it easy to dislocate. Hip dysplasia is characterized […]