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Lacrosse: Treating and Preventing Ankle Sprains

Lacrosse has quickly risen in popularity over the last decade, with a participation growth of 218%. With more students taking part in this fast-paced sport, injuries are also on the rise. Though lacrosse is considered a moderate risk sport (with the majority of injuries being minor strains, sprains and bruises), even the seemingly minor injuries […]

Family Friendly Exercises for Spring

Despite the winter season’s never-ending snowpocalypse, spring will be here before we know it. Winter is perfect for snuggling up, watching movies, and relaxing by the fire, but we all know that as the temperature decreases, so does our motivation to work out. Walking to the gym sounds much less appealing when it’s fifteen degrees […]

Overuse Injuries in Baseball and Softball Players

CAUSE IT’S ONE! TWO! THREE injuries…you’re out. Every year, thousands of baseball and softball players suffer from shoulder and elbow related injuries. These injuries are now more likely to happen to younger athletes between the ages of 7 and 18. With overuse shoulder and elbow injuries steadily rising, parents are worried about the health and […]

Joint Pain? Try Yoga.

While often associated only with spiritual discipline, yoga has become a popular form of both mental and physical wellness. If you suffer from joint pain and aches, yoga may provide the relief you’re looking for. In a study from Duke University Medical Center, yoga was found to be effective in treating chronic pain due to […]