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PCL Tears and Treatment

The posterior cruciate ligament or PCL consists of tough bands of tissue that connects the thighbone to your shinbone. While the PCL is larger and stronger than the ACL – and therefore is torn less often – 20 percent of knee injuries are attributed to this ligament. Sports such as baseball and softball are common […]

Water Sports Safety

When summer comes around on the lakeshore, many hit the water for their warm weather activities. Whether it’s boating, tubing, waterskiing, swimming, or wakeboarding, it’s important to remember key tips to keep your summer fun and safe. Proper training – both by sports instructors and doing strength training on your own – will help you […]

Hip Fracture Prevention

Hip fractures occur as breaks in the femur, just below the hip joint. These types of injuries most often occur in people 65 years and older. No matter the type of hip fracture, they can greatly limit mobility and independence, with most breaks requiring surgery. Hip fractures are caused by several factors, including weakened bones […]

Exercises for Knee Pain

When you already have bad knees, exercising can seem like that last plausible option for relief. But the right kind of physical activity can protect your injury by strengthening the muscles around the joint and decreasing stress on the knee. With any exercise, there are rules to ensure your knees stay safe. Be careful not […]