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Things to Know about Trail Running

If you’re looking for a change of pace for your normal workout routine, and perhaps more chances to be in nature, trail running is a great option for you. This type of running can help you relax, breathe easier, and become a faster runner too. Running on trails is easier on the legs and joints. […]

Maintaining Bone Health As An Adult

We all know how important it is for children to build strong bones as they grow, but do you know how to maintain bone health an adult? Even when our bodies have stopped growing, bone health is extremely important as we age. Kids are able to make new bone faster than it breaks down old […]

Concussions and Soccer: Tackling the Issue Head-On

More high school soccer players had concussions in 2010 than basketball, baseball, wrestling, and softball players combined, according to the Center for Injury Research and Policy. Concussions accounted for 34 percent of all injuries in boys’ soccer competitions and 30 percent in girls’ soccer for the 2011-12 school year While headers are most commonly thought of […]

How to Prevent Low Back Pain in Golfers

Golf is often thought of as a leisurely activity, but for many avid players, the sport can take a toll on the lower back. This type of pain is one of the most common complaints for golfers. While professional players tend to have pain from overuse, the recreational golfer’s pain may be from sporadic play, […]