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Is Sitting All Day Causing You Pain?

A 40-hour work week can have negative effects on your posture, flexibility, and joint pain, especially if you’re not remembering to move during the day. Sitting for a long period of time without much movement can cause the breakdown of tissue and result in severe joint and back pain. Even if you exercise regularly after a long […]

Running Faster, Stronger, and Longer

Whether you’re an avid distance runner or just beginning to trot, running is a great way to utilize bones and joints throughout your body. And no matter where you are on your jogging journey, being able to go further and run faster is probably your goal, and can provide even greater health benefits. Here are […]

Tips for Bone Health

What age should you begin intentionally caring for your bones? As early as possible. Being conscious about your bone health should start at a young age to ensure bone strength later on in life. Calcium, Vitamin D, diet and exercise are the essentials of bone health. Staying at a healthy weight will prevent your hips and […]