Ankle Injuries in Basketball Players

With basketball season underway, it is important to be aware of the possible injuries that can occur in basketball players and how to prevent or treat those issues.

Aching ankles are common in basketball players and can occur abruptly from a sudden injury or develop over time. This condition may not only have an effect on the way you play, but can also become a very serious injury over time.

There are several causes for low-grade ankle pain. It can occur if a player doesn’t warm up properly or fails to wear the correct, supportive footwear. Frequent lateral movements in basketball can strain your ankles, especially during quick starts and stops, foot planting and rapid movements in the opposite direction. Landing wrong after jumping or twisting can cause immense damage to the ankle, potentially even causing broken bones.

Treatment for injured ankles involves a lot of rest and refraining from activity until your ankle heals. Elevate your foot and ice your ankle for no more than 15 minutes at a time. Severe ankle pain may require additional treatment. Talk to your doctor or sports injury therapist if your ankle isn’t healing properly. Your next step may be in the form of a cast, medication or surgical repair.

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