Arthritis in Cold Weather: Is it Just a Myth?

Roughly 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis. Though scientific evidence is conflicting, many of those afflicted with arthritis complain of the weather’s impact on their symptoms.

As winter approaches, could your joint pain worsen? There are many possible reasons for arthritis to feel as though it’s acting up.

  • Pressure – When barometric pressure decreases (associated with poor weather), inflamed tissue in the joints may be more likely to swell, causing more pain.
  • Temperature – The cold weather could have an effect on tissue, causing it to shrink down. This could pull on nerves around the joints and tissues, which would increase pain.
  • Lifestyle – When the weather worsens, many people become less active. A sedentary lifestyle can cause joints to stiffen up, increasing pain.

While studies may not offer conclusive explanations, you’re not alone if you think your arthritis in cold weather gets worse. Make sure you’re finding ways to stay active indoors if the cold weather inhibits your exercise. Talk to your doctor for more ways to keep your pain under control.