The Benefits of Cross-Training

You might be an avid runner in very good condition but have back pain every time you pick up your child. Maybe you do a lot of weight-bearing activities but can’t make it once around the block while riding bikes with your family. Cross-training can be extremely beneficial for both the elite athlete and the weekend warrior.

Runners use their legs more than most and need those muscles to be in top shape. But runners also need to be aware of their core and upper body strength. The point of cross-training is to vary your exercises, including: aerobic conditioning, strength training, endurance and balance.

How can cross training be done?

  • Running is good for your body and is a great way to improve aerobic fitness and endurance.
  • You need stress on your bones to strengthen them, but if you are feeling pain make sure you have good, supportive shoes and be aware of the type of surface you are running on.
  • Yoga and Pilates are a great way to strengthen the whole body, gain flexibility and improve balance.
  • Circuit training can combine cardio with anaerobic fitness.

Whatever combination you chose make sure you utilize many types of activities to ensure complete fitness gains.