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Debunking Joint Replacement Myths

If you are suffering from joint pain every day and are considering joint replacement, you may have begun exploring different surgical options. While it’s perfectly understandable that you would want to get word-of-mouth advice from friends and family, this often leads to misconceptions that may skew your perception of the process. Let’s take a look […]

How Mako Robotic Technology Can Improve Knee Surgeries

Innovation in surgical technology is constantly improving surgery outcomes. Dr. Johnson of the Holland Bone and Joint Center is one of the only West Michigan physicians certified on the new Mako Robotic Arm Assisted Technology for knee replacements. Your knee replacement begins with a CT scan of your knee joint used to generate a 3D […]

Sports Injury Spotlight: ACL Injuries

Unfortunately, knee injuries are common in athletes playing high demand sports: activities like football, soccer, or basketball. They most consistently occur when athletes land a jump incorrectly, rapidly change direction, or suddenly start and stop when running. One knee injury seen quite is a sprain or tear in the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. There […]

5 Exercises for Knee Pain

Suffering from knee pain? It may seem counterintuitive, but performing knee exercises will help alleviate pain and prevent future injuries. Certain exercises will help strengthen the muscles that surround the knee, reducing the amount of stress placed on the knee joint itself. Try 10 to 12 repetitions of the following exercises 2 to 3 times […]

Overuse Injuries in Football Players

Fall is just around the corner and with this cooler weather comes one of America’s most popular sports: football. As more and more young athletes participate in this sport, an increasing number of football-related injuries are sustained. While traumatic injuries and concussions occur most often, overuse injuries are also extremely prevalent in football players. These […]

Joint Pain? Try Yoga.

While often associated only with spiritual discipline, yoga has become a popular form of both mental and physical wellness. If you suffer from joint pain and aches, yoga may provide the relief you’re looking for. In a study from Duke University Medical Center, yoga was found to be effective in treating chronic pain due to […]

Anterior Knee Pain in Athletes: Lateral Patellar Tracking

Patellar tracking disorder occurs when the kneecap (patella) shifts out of place as the leg bends or straightens. The kneecap is usually held in place by tendons on the top and bottom and by ligaments on the sides. A layer of cartilage lines the underside of the kneecap, helping it move smoothly in a groove […]

Anterior Knee Pain in Athletes: Hoffa’s Fat Pad Syndrome

The infrapatellar fat pad is soft tissue that lies beneath the kneecap. Following a direct injury to the knee, this pad can become impinged between the distal thigh bone and the kneecap resulting in a painful and sensitive joint. The knee pain is usually worsened by extending the knee joint. Athletes who participate in contact […]

Anterior Knee Pain in Athletes: Plica Syndrome

The plica is a fold of joint lining tissue that is left over from early development. During embryologic development, bands of tissue divide your knee into joints and these bands often remain in your joints as you develop and grow. Trauma to the knee, either directly or from overuse can cause these bands to become […]

Do Your Knees Hurt During or After Driving?

Experiencing knee pain during and immediately following driving is a common problem especially on long trips or in stop-and-go traffic. If that pain is located at the front of your knee under your kneecaps, you may be suffering from chondromalacia patellae (also known as CMP). This condition is characterized by the degradation of the protective […]