The Five Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports-related injuries do not only occur in athletes. In fact, the majority of these conditions result from “weekend warriors” who do too much too soon after a week of sedentary work.

Whether a strain, sprain, or muscle tear, your these common injuries can be avoided if you know how to prevent them beforehand. While some injuries occur outside of our control, not being properly conditioned before participating in physical activity can cause great harm. Here are the 5 most common sports injuries endured by athletes of all kinds:

  1. Ankle sprains typically occur when the foot turns inward, stretching or tearing the outer ligaments of the ankle. These tend to be slower to heal and should most likely be seen by a doctor to confirm the level of damage.
  2. Groin pulls are experienced after pushing off in a side-to-side motion, causing excess strain of the inner thigh muscles. Compression, ice, and rest will heal most of these injuries.
  3. Hamstring strains are due to the overstretching of the muscles in the back of the thigh. Walking causes added stress to these muscles, making hamstring strains slow to heal.
  4. Shin splints involve pain in the front of the lower legs, often brought on by running. Rest, ice, and OTC medications are a good, consistent form of treatment. If pain persists, you may have a stress fracture.
  5. ACL tears are knee injuries often caused by sudden stops or getting hit from the side. Always see a doctor if you suspect you have a torn ACL, as this usually requires surgery.

One of the best ways to prevent sports injuries is to treat physical activity as a consistent habit. Begin every workout with a gentle warm-up to get better blood flow to the muscles and increase flexibility.