It’s All Fun And Games Until…

Spring is just around the corner, and as the ground thaws, so do many people who begin exercising again after a winter off. From jogging outside to sports like soccer starting up again, sports-related injuries drastically increase.

Though professional athletes spend months training before easing into their season, many kids and adults alike jump right back into their activities without much preparation.

For recreational runners who don’t hit the track year-round, the key is to increase your distance by a maximum of only 10 percent week to week. Runners over the age of 40 do not have as quick a recovery time as younger runners and are encouraged to train hard no more than every 10 days.

For children entering spring sports, their coaches and parents need to encourage daily warm ups and stretching followed by light play. Preseason physical exams are important for kids so no lurking injury or condition goes unnoticed before activity begins.

No matter the sport or activity, whether you’re part of a junior varsity team or a senior running club, there are several factors to be cautious of before spring fever sets in.

  • Wear appropriate, well-fitting gear and protective equipment
  • Avoid playing when you’re extremely fatigued or already in pain
  • Incorporate warm ups and cool downs into every routine as they can help minimize the chance of muscle strain or injury