Golf Injury Prevention

Golf is generally a low-risk sport when it comes to injury, but by no means is the sport free from injury. Golfers are susceptible to both acute sudden injuries, or overuse injuries that develop over time. Learn more about golf injury prevention for acute and overuse injuries.

The most common kind of acute injury occurs when a golfer’s club is stopped by a hard object (such as a tree root) unexpectedly. These sudden jolts can do serious damage to joints and tendons. If you experience pain after one of these injuries, you should rest, apply ice, and contact your physician for an examination.

Another large portion of golf injuries can be attributed to overuse caused from a lack of flexibility, improper conditioning, excessive play or improper mechanics. Less than 20 percent of golfers warm up for longer than 10 minutes before tee-time. Those golfers who do warm up, are injured only half as much as the 80 percent who do not. As much as you may enjoy golf, it’s important to limit the number of rounds you play if you start to experience soreness or pain.


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