Health Highlight: Women’s Injuries

It’s a scientific fact: men’s and women’s bodies operate and perform differently. So it’s time to discuss how injuries may affect females differently and risk factors women specifically should look out for.

Stress fractures occur when the bone is getting broken down quicker than our body can repair it. These fractures can harm the strength of the bone and the rebuilding from the stress placed on it.

Stress fractures develop when the body undergoes demanding training without the support of proper nutrition to help with the repair process.

The lack of nutrition is especially detrimental in women. Our body distributes nutrition to our organs and bones, but when we aren’t getting all that we need, the body starts prioritizing energy. This means it will distribute to the most essential organs first, like the brain and heart.

This prioritizing leaves a substandard amount of nutrition for other areas, like bones, or in the case of women, female organs. Lack of nutrition can lead to missing regular periods, osteoporosis, and other damaging factors. It can also increase the likelihood of a stress fracture occurring.

It is imperative that everyone try to prevent injury, but especially that women recognize what their body is telling them. In order to stay healthy and strong, keep nourishment on track and treat pain or injury immediately.

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