Identifying & Preventing Running Injuries

Running is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise that allows for strengthening the body while improving mental health. However, the continuous motion can be hard on bones and joints, causing injury to occur. So how can avid runners prevent pain and keep on running?

The 3D Gait Analysis from Holland Hospital redefines the standards in running injury prevention. The technology uses three infrared cameras combined with 35 body sensors to track the runners steps during a treadmill run.

While the cameras record your movement, the sensors are placed strategically from the shoes to the legs to the hips. This can then track the runner’s movements and provide an exact model of the runner’s form. This model is displayed on a screen to show exactly how an individual runs.

The analysis then identifies the runners’ areas of strength and weakness, information produced by the 3D Gait Analysis system, and carefully reviewed by The Bone and Joint Center practitioners. This data can lead to modifying everything from training to stride to what kind of shoes to purchase.

To learn more about the 3D Gait Analysis system, click here.

If you would like to decrease the risk of injury and improve your running form, contact The Bone and Joint Center today. Our staff will guide you through the 3D Gait Analysis to help you keep on running.