NBA Discusses Concussions

In May, two players from the Golden State Warriors basketball team were cleared to play in the next game after taking a hit to the head. Both players were assessed and told that they didn’t have a concussion; however, concussion symptoms did show up the next day.

This is what caused the NBA union to hire neurologists to decide if any changes needed to be made to the concussion protocol in order to keep the players safe and healthy. A player being allowed to go back in the game with a concussion is unacceptable, but the head of the NBA union is not convinced that players should be held out of the game because of caution.

Concussion symptoms don’t always show up right away, and when an NBA star takes a hit to the head the last thing the coach wants is for him to have a head injury. So even though the player might get cleared right away, he can still be diagnosed with a concussion a day later, and if he played in a game with a concussion his life was at risk.

Concussions must be taken seriously, whether it’s in the NBA or t-ball. It’s better to be safe than sorry.