Osteal Tuberculosis

You probably have never associated tuberculosis with bone and joint health due to the fact that it is known as pulmonary (lung) disease. What you might not know is that tuberculosis can attack your bones and joints in a very dangerous way.

TB of the bone is known as Osteal Tuberculosis or Skeletal Tuberculosis. This disease is often misdiagnosed as arthritis in its early stages. The only way to confirm that the pain you are feeling in your joints is in fact TB is to test the fluid aspirated from the affected area.

One way to determine if the pain you’re feeling might be TB is if you are suffering from extra swelling or pain in only one joint—unlike arthritis, which affects the same joints on both sides of the body. The pain from TB of the bone also increases when you are lying down flat, while lying down typically relieves arthritis pain.

There are no specific diagnosis signs, so when joint pain occurs it is better to be cautious, especially if you have visited an underdeveloped third-world country recently. The TB infection can be treated with medicine, surgery and therapy of the specific joint.