Post-Concussion Syndrome

Though an athlete may be cleared to play following a concussion recovery, there is a chance that some symptoms will linger. Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) does not occur in every patient, and it is unknown why some develop the condition and others do not.

It may take weeks for PCS symptoms to appear. The condition is diagnosed when a person who has recently suffered head trauma continues to experience at least three of the main concussion symptoms, including: dizziness, fatigue and headaches, among others. The severity of the original concussion has no affect on the risk of PCS.

Because the symptoms may vary among patients, there is no single way to diagnose PCS. Your physician may perform an MRI or CT scan to rule out significant brain changes.

There is not a universal treatment for all PCS cases, but instead your doctor will treat the symptoms associated with your PCS (such as referring to a psychiatrist if the symptom is anxiety). Most patients with PCS fully recovery within three months, but it may take longer depending on the symptoms.