How to Prevent Low Back Pain in Golfers

Golf is often thought of as a leisurely activity, but for many avid players, the sport can take a toll on the lower back.

This type of pain is one of the most common complaints for golfers. While professional players tend to have pain from overuse, the recreational golfer’s pain may be from sporadic play, poor swing mechanics, or an inadequate fitness level.

One of the key ways to prevent low back pain is to warm up properly beforehand. Try stretching and taking easy swings to get your muscles ready to play. Stretching that focuses on the shoulder, torso, and hip areas will help make you less prone to injury.

Before you begin your round, practice swinging. With a smooth, rhythmic swing, your back will undergo less stress and strain. It is recommended that beginners (and those of any skill level) should work with a golf pro to better understand what a proper swing feels like.

Though it may not be considered a factor in back pain, how you carry your golf bag can have a tremendous impact on your muscles. Repeatedly bending down to pick up a bag can be troublesome, so a bag with an integrated stand can be helpful. Bag straps also cause more pressure on the shoulder, which can lead to back strain. Using dual straps on the golf bag will evenly distribute weight across the back.