How to Prevent Sports-Related Injuries

Over half of sports-related injuries happen during practices rather than games. By following some easy, yet important, tasks the risk of injury can decrease drastically among young athletes.

1. Educate yourself

With millions of children in the United States participating in sports, it’s important to continuously educate students, parents, and coaches on injury prevention.

Not all sports require the same stretches or use the same muscles. Before you or your child takes part in a sport, be sure to have a thorough understanding of it. What common injuries occur in that sport? What are the best stretches? What are the best training methods?

2. Stretch

Warming up your muscles before partaking in physical activity greatly decreases the risk of injury. Stretching keeps muscles and joints strong, healthy, and flexible.

Failing to stretch properly increases the chance of fractures, swollen muscles, sprains, strains, and tendon injuries.

3. Cool down

Physical activity increases your heart rate and breathing. A cool down allows these levels to return to normal at a slower pace. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, cooling down is beneficial for both the mind and body.

Failure to cool down can place stress on the heart from overworking even when no physical activity is taking place.

4. Know your limits

Each week, take one day off to rest. If someone is pushed too hard, the risk of significant injury increases. It’s better to strengthen muscles slowly over a long period of time than to push too hard for faster results.

If you’re feeling pain while taking part in activities, stop immediately. Continuing to overwork an injury results in greater pain and a longer recovery time.