Recovery Round Up: Physical Therapy

With exercise and sports activities comes risk for injury. While we never anticipate it happening, following the right procedure afterwards can be instrumental to how quickly you fully recover. And that process starts with physical therapy.

Most athletic injuries do not require surgery, but they usually require a series of rehabilitation. Physical therapy is not only going to help fix the current injury, but will also strengthen your body to help prevent future injuries.

It’s important to work with a physician to find the right program for your specific symptoms. Sports Medicine doctors can provide strengthening exercises for in-office and home. It’s important to follow their guidance and essential to practice the home exercise program they prescribe.

Full recovery takes time. You may want quick cure-all or be eager to get back in the game, but taking time to fully return to your healthy state is important. Don’t push your body into things it isn’t capable of doing again. Always talk with your physical therapist before returning to activity that may hurt or re-harm the injured area.

Physical therapy requires patience, dedication, and commitment in order to properly benefit you. The payoffs from a properly executed physical therapy rehabilitation program can help keep you active and healthy for the future.

If you have an injury that requires attention, or would like to learn more about the Bone and Joint Center’s Physical Therapy program, contact our office today.