Running Faster, Stronger, and Longer

Whether you’re an avid distance runner or just beginning to trot, running is a great way to utilize bones and joints throughout your body. And no matter where you are on your jogging journey, being able to go further and run faster is probably your goal, and can provide even greater health benefits.

Here are four tips to help you become a stronger runner:

  1. Interval workouts: Mixing up your workout can provide an easy way to begin running faster. The goal is to slowly increase the speed and distance you run for a set amount of time, then immediately following it with walking/jogging for the same time limit.
  2. Running hills: To increase endurance, hill workouts can be extremely beneficial. Whether out in the elements or on the comfort of your treadmill, training uphill can foster stronger leg muscles while also burning an increased amount of calories.
  3. Post-run strides: After a longer distance run, try a few cool-down strides. Accelerate to a full sprint for about 20m, and then slow to a walk. Take a minute to recover, and then do another. This will decrease the lactic acid build up in your leg muscles and can improve pace.
  4. Running without headphones: Music can be great to encourage exercise, but sometimes it can create a distraction. Try going for a run without headphones. Instead, focus on your body’s natural rhythm: the sound of your steps, the rate of your breathing, and the noises around you. You may find yourself going further faster without having to push play.

Utilizing these tips, you’ll soon be able to improve your running speed, endurance, and strength. With a little push, your bones and your joints will be thanking you.