Are Your Shoes Causing Foot Pain?

Often we think of pain as a result of injury, overexertion, or a pre-existing condition, but have you ever considered that your foot pain may be avoidable? Shoe choice is a major component of foot health, despite it often being overlooked. Whether you already have foot problems or are currently experiencing pain, take a look at these tips for picking the right shoes.

  • Flip flops and many types of sandals offer little support and can cause plantar fasciitis, tendon problems, and many other conditions.
  • High heels – especially stilettos – may be fashionable, but the increased pressure on the forefoot can cause (and worsen) many issues, such as bunions. The Achilles tendon is greatly stretched when high heels worn for an extended period of time are removed.
  • Though ballet flats may seem like the more sensible, comfortable footwear option for work, their lack of arch support can ultimately lead to foot pain.
  • Platform shoes, while offering more stability than high heels, can lead to ankle sprains due to instability.
  • Worn out athletic shoes, though they may have been supportive at one point in time, could be doing you more harm than good, especially when it comes to shock absorption.

Your options, however, are not as limited as you might think. When shoe shopping, look for footwear with significant soles for the best foot support. Mid-height heels are best – heels can be worn for short distances and periods of time. Many people are wearing the wrong size shoe without realizing it, so getting a proper measurement at a shoe store can help save your feet as well.