Sports Injury Spotlight: Head Injuries

Concussions are certainly nothing to take lightly. While they get a lot of bad press revolving around professional athletes, it’s well-deserved. Head injuries take more than just a week off the field to get you fully recovered.

Head injuries like concussions happen most regularly with high-impact athletics; think football. The trauma that occurs can create serious damage, and if not treated properly, this injury can last a lifetime.

Whether you’re a parent or player, the first step after a head injury is to have it assessed. Allow a professional athletic trainer or physician to analyze the area and determine how serious the injury is. It may require immediate attention at a local hospital or emergency room.

After the injury has been assessed for severity, further investigation is required. Have a primary care doctor examine the concussion, looking for specifics on what may have been affected.

The recovery process can now begin. Your physician will recommend the therapy required based on the injury. This rehabilitation can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. The exercises allow your brain to begin the process of functioning properly again.

Post-therapy, a physician should once again examine the injury before your return to a sport or exercise. This is to ensure you are fully recovered and ready to get in the game once more.

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