The Most Common Walking Pains (And How to Solve Them)

Walking is the safest and easiest type of exercise for all age groups, and can be done just about anywhere, any time of the year. While we all know this, we may not be aware of the risks of walking.

Light pain in the feet or legs is often ignored, especially because walking isn’t thought of as a strenuous activity. But these problems can quickly become chronic, and may prevent further motivation to exercise.

Foot issues, such as plantar fasciitis or bunions, may cause some pain aggravated by walking. Your doctor can properly diagnose these conditions, and changes such as a new stretching routine or footwear can help offset the injuries.

Several walkers encounter leg pain, which can include shin splints or stress fractures. While these conditions are treated differently, both involve resting the legs in order to let the damage heal.

Not all walking pains are caused by damage to the bones and joints, however. If you experience cramping, swelling, or heaviness in the legs, you may have a condition affecting your arteries or veins.

Call your doctor if you have pain while walking – it is always better to get treatment at the first signs of trouble rather than wait until things get worse.