Fall Fitness Tips

Once the weather shifts below the 60 degree mark and the crunch of leaves under our feet becomes more and more apparent, it signifies that fall is officially here. So long to hot summer days spent under the sun! The chilliness seems to push everyone indoors, promising warmth and comfort from the outdoor chill.

While a warm fireplace, hot chocolate, and a comfy blanket might be on your fall to-do docket, your fitness routine shouldn’t fly completely under the radar. Don’t put on your winter skin yet: autumn is a great time to up your fitness game in preparation for the holiday season.

Feeling unconvinced? Try a new workout regimen! Cooler temperatures means exercising outdoors won’t include intense heat. And with a beautifully colored landscape from changing leaves, a hike, bike, walk, or run will be a great way to take in the fall scenery.

If your season includes the startup of your favorite fall shows, you don’t have to miss the premiere for exercise – or vice versa. Try core and strength training while watching television. Do sit-ups, planks, crunches, and other abdominal workouts during commercial breaks. Or challenge yourself even further by completing 10 squats every time a new character enters the room.

Click here for even more ways to tackle fitness this fall. See you out on the trails!