Five Foods for Healthy Bones

Calcium and Vitamin D are the two most important vitamins for bone health. Here are the top five foods you should eat to ensure that your body is getting enough of both.

  1. Yogurt
    One cup of yogurt is a great way to get nearly 20 percent of your Vitamin D for the day and 30 percent of your calcium. Try to stick to fat-free plain yogurt instead of reaching for the Greek. Even though Greek yogurt is full of protein, it tends to contain little calcium and Vitamin D.
  2. Milk
    Although milk may be an obvious choice for calcium and Vitamin D, there are ways to include it into your diet without drinking it plain. For example, you can add a glass of milk to your smoothie or to a sauce.
  3. Sardines
    These little fish are surprisingly high in both calcium and Vitamin D. If you’re not interested in eating them raw, try adding them to a pasta dish or to a salad.
  4. Salmon
    Along with the many heart-health benefits of salmon, a three-ounce piece also contains more than 100 percent of your daily Vitamin D.
  5. Spinach
    Not a big fan of dairy? Spinach may be your new best friend. One cup of cooked spinach contains 25 percent of your daily calcium along with fiber, iron, and Vitamin A.