Is Sitting All Day Causing You Pain?

A work week can have negative effects on your posture, flexibility, and joint pain, especially if you’re not remembering to move during the day. Sitting for a long period of time without much movement can cause the breakdown of tissue and result in severe joint and back pain.

Even if you exercise regularly after a long day at the office, it still won’t prevent the health risks that come with sitting for a long period of time. However, there are ways to prevent health risks from sitting so long.

Try using a fitness tracker or pedometer to keep track of how often you’re moving during the day. This may encourage you to take the stairs instead of the elevator or go on a brisk walk during your lunch break.

Do simple exercises in your chair, such as leg extensions. By grabbing the seat of your chair and extending your legs straight out in front of you, then flexing and pointing your toes, you work your abs and legs. Try this five times and repeat.

Simply standing up for a few minutes after sitting for a half hour can prevent the breakdown of tissue. A good rule of thumb is for every thirty minutes you sit, you should stand up and move around or stretch for five minutes.

Don’t worry about looking silly. Try to get your co-workers in on the action, and make these few minutes of activity something the whole office participates in. Your joints will be very grateful.