Joint-Friendly Exercises

Just because you suffer from joint pain or problems doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. There are many exercises and activities that burn calories without hurting your joints.

Swimming is a great way to work your upper, mid and lower body muscles. It is low impact but burns calories fast. Be sure to use proper form to prevent other injuries from occurring. 

Try a fitness class, like dance, salsa, or Zumba. You will warm up, stretch your muscles throughout class and also keep your heart rate up for extended periods of time.

Use the elliptical instead of a treadmill, which keeps your feet planted on the pedals as opposed to hitting the floor.

Bike to gain endurance without causing joint damage. This can be done outside or on a stationary bike at the gym—perfect for when the weather is bad.

Walking may not seem like a calorie-scorching activity, but it can improve circulation, strengthen bones, help you lose weight…all while being easy on your joints.