Long Flight? Try These Stretches.

We’ve all been there. Heading onto the plane, bags in tow. You walk down the aisle, craning your neck for 14C (or was it B?). You place your luggage in the overhead bin and sit down, ready to begin your trip. But sitting in that snug seat—whether it’s a 12-hour or two-hour flight—is far from comfortable.

Here are a few stretches and exercises you can do to help promote circulation and feel better once you land.

  • Sweated Twist—Sit up tall and grab the armrests or sides of your seat, twisting your torso to the right and left. Hold each twist for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Thigh Lifts—To improve circulation in the legs, lift up one leg at a time. Keep your back straight against the seat.
  • Ankle Rolls—Rotate the ankles in a circular motion to both the right and left while stretching each leg out in front of you.
  • Mountain Pose—This easy, modified yoga pose can be done if you’re able to stand up somewhere in the plane. Stand up tall with feet together while raising your arms above your head, hands clasped together. Stand on the balls of the feet and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Neck Rolls—While seated upright with shoulders back, stretch your head back and forwards gently while exhaling.
  • Walk Around—No matter the length of your flight, try to get up and walk throughout the cabin at some point.