The Muscle and Joint Benefits of Yoga

Yoga may not seem like much from a distance, but this age old practice relaxes and loosens muscles, which helps eliminate joint pain and body aches while also increasing balance and flexibility.

Some of the most beneficial poses for relieving joint pain, more specifically arthritis, are the Child’s Pose, Cow Pose, Supine Twisting, Downward-Facing Dog, and the Crescent Lunge.

The practice is also extremely beneficial for balancing the mind and body. Bone fractures, breaks, and other injuries, for example, are commonly associated with falling. By keeping the mind and body balanced, the risk of falling and injuring hips and other bones is lessoned greatly.

Yoga is a good alternative for regular workouts. Although it doesn’t build as much muscle, yoga still increases mobility and strength.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of yoga is its appeal to a wide audience range. Persons in every age bracket can benefit. Whether balancing the mind from stress, or stretching to reduce joint pain, yoga is a great solo activity that can be done just about anywhere.