Preparing Your Home for Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement

It is important to prepare physically for your anterior approach to hip replacement surgery, but it is equally as important to make sure your home is ready as well. Because you will not be able to move around easily right away, there are several items that need to be checked to make sure your transition from hospital to home is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

  • Kitchen
    • Stock the pantry with appropriate foods.
    • Prepare easy, small meals in advance.
    • Move frequently used items to counter height.
    • Have a chair ready for meals that has arms and a cushion.
  • Bedroom
    • Sleep on a higher, firmer mattress with extra pillows.
    • Coordinate assistance to help you get in and out of bed at first.
    • Make sure there is room to navigate around the bed.
    • Move clothing items for easy access.
  • Bathroom
    • It will be easier to have a toilet with a higher seat and sturdy surface to engage arms in raising and lowering.
    • In your shower, include a bar or railing, non-skid mat, bench or chair with handheld shower head if easier at first.
    • Remove all throw rugs, and watch for damp spots.
  • Living room
    • Clear paths through the room.
    • A recliner-style chair will be most comfortable and easiest to get in and out of at first.
  • Stairs
    • Check railings and rugs for security.
    • Minimize your need to go up or down stairs until safe and steady.

Arrange for help with household tasks and for assistance with home exercise programs. After a few weeks, you should feel well enough to start doing some of these tasks on your own.