If you have received treatment hip or knee pain elsewhere, it is important that we have those records available to us for your appointment. This helps us to better understand your journey, but will also help use to meet insurer’s need for information should a decision for surgery be made at your appointment. Our referral coordinator will work with you on how to request these records and what is important for us to have in our possession.


We commit to be part of your “patient-centered medical home neighborhood” as a specialty-care provider. This means we share information with your primary care provider about any treatment you receive in our office to ensure continuity of care.

Though our practice does not require referral from your primary care provider to be seen, some insurance providers still do have this requirement. Check with your insurance company if this is required before your appointment and take the necessary steps to ensure payment for the visit.

If you are a referring physician and need information about our practice please, call 616.738.3884.


make your appointment

You don’t need to get a referral from your primary physician to make an appointment.