Safety During Winter Sports

Becoming injured during winter sports can put a damper on an already snowy season. Learn how to keep the fun in winter and be safe during this cold time of year.

Dress properly – Wearing multiple layers of loose, water and wind resistant clothing can provide warmth and protection. Layers allow you to accommodate your body’s ever-changing temperature. Make sure to wear protective and warm footwear to keep from your feet from getting wet or cold, as well as sufficient ankle support.

Drink water – Stay hydrated. The cold, blustery air pulls moisture out of your body. You need to replenish it to keep joints lubricated, skin from cracking and lips from drying out.

Know the weather – Make sure you check the weather before heading out. It may look safe, but weather is a mysterious thing and can sneak up on you if you are not aware. Be aware of possible storms, high winds and extremely low temperatures. 

Abide by the rules – There are rules for a reason. Be aware of signs, cautions, recommendations and boundaries in all winter sports.

Have a buddy – Never participant in a winter sport alone. In case something were to happen, having someone alongside to help or call for help is key. Two heads are better than one. 

Wear protective gear – Make sure you have well-fitted protective gear including goggles, gloves, padding and especially a helmet. Protection is key to avoiding injury. 

Take a lesson – Learn the sport correctly to prevent possible injury from bad form or bad habits. It’s okay to ask for help. 

Don’t push through the pain – Listen to your body. Pain tells you there is something amiss, and pushing through it will only make it worse.