Summer Exercise

Summer is an excellent time to start a regular exercise regime. Exercising doesn’t feel like exercise when the weather’s nice, the sun is out, and your neighborhood is bustling with people and activity. If there was ever a time to start working on your fitness, the time is summer.

While running, cycling, or strength training are good any time of the year, there are some activities that require nice weather. So grab family, friends, or just yourself and get moving with these activities:

Swimming – Summer is the perfect time to get wet. In a pool or other body of water, practice cardio training by swimming laps, performing resistance training, or doing water aerobics. Swimming helps burn calories quickly, so it’s a great activity for a busy lifestyle.

Kayaking/Canoeing – The perfect combination of endurance, strength, and fun, kayaking and canoeing is a great way to get outside. Don’t own a kayak or canoe? Many lakes and rivers have businesses to rent at, usually priced reasonably.

Outdoor Sports – Get out of the gym to play beach volleyball, outdoor basketball, tennis, or golf. Start a tournament with friends or work on your own game.

Hiking – Explore the world around us by hiking. This activity gets you up and moving while allowing you to witness beautiful scenery. Hiking also lets you choose your path: try a paved way for lower intensity or a sand dune for maximum endurance. Head to a new trail in a new area to really explore!

Whether you’re a seasoned exercise professional or just started the journey to fitness, now is a great time to start your health kick.