Joseph S., Grand Haven

I was on a two-month wait list for hip replacement someplace else and saw Dr. Johnson on TV. I had been misdiagnosed by my doctor, who said I was in pain because of my stroke. My chiropractor actually diagnosed my hip. So I went in to talk Dr. Johnson, brought my x-rays, and he told me yes, you need to go to your surgeon and have this done. I told him, ‘I want you to do it.ʼ The surgery was excellent, I walked 200 ft. the next day! I even went shopping after my first day of therapy. Hardly any pain, just took Tylenol for pain. Iʼm 65 but very active, hunting, a lot of walking. I need to build my muscles back up because of my stroke but Iʼm walking fine. I tell every who will listen, go see Dr. Johnson!