Shelby K., Holland

I’m a 54 yr old female that was born with hip dysphasia and had 10 surgeries on my left hip by the time I was 16 at the Shriners Hospital. I was 1 in shorter in my left leg and had a sallow hip socket. I knew one day I would need a total hip replacement and when the time came I was afraid. Because of my previous surgeries I knew it would be a difficult replacement and not any Dr would want to do it or could do it.
Of the five Drs I saw and consulted within state and out of state, Dr. Johnson was the only one that really listened and addressed my fears and my concern to be the same length and not wear a heel lift any longer. The regular way most people end up having to wear a heel lift and are not able to do a lot of things any longer, get in bathtub, etc. I was bone on bone by now and losing muscle. I knew then he was the one I wanted and needed to replace my hip. Dr Johnson’s surgery was nothing like 38 years ago.
I would advise anyone thinking of a hip replacement to only go the anterior way.I still cannot believe how easy and painless the whole thing was and I no longer wear a heel lift, both legs are the same length.I still can’t believe he was able to fix my hip, but he did and I Thank God everyday for Dr. Johnson, his staff and Holland Hospital. My life has been forever changed for the better. Dr. Johnson does have a gift.