Tom K., Saginaw, MI

Since I have been living the past forty years in the Tri-Cities area of Michigan, I was not aware of the medical services available in the area of Holland, Michigan. It wasn’t until I needed a hip replacement that my search began for the right surgeon and the right hospital. After many months of investigation it was my decision to have the procedure done at Holland Hospital with Dr. Derick Johnson of the Bone & Joint Center performing the surgery.
My care at Holland Hospital was the best from beginning to end. I can’t thank the hospital and its staff enough for all they did for me. The surgical team under the leadership of Dr. Johnson was A-1. His surgical techniques allow one to return quickly to a life of walking like we did in the “good old days.”
So be very “Thankful” Holland that you have something this special located in your medical community. It was a pleasure to visit your wonderful city and to see and meet some of your finest medical residents and facilities. To the Holland Community – You Are Lucky.